Construction is an activity that defines the base of many infrastructural factors in Bristol. It is very vital in keeping and maintaining the functionality of the developed city and provides the aspect of work and living places for people. However, construction itself is a mixture of processes and requires a number of services for the tasks to be completed. One of these essential services is scaffolding. This process helps in the primary erection of the structures. This is why scaffold companies in Bristol such as are considered with high regard.

Here are the different types of scaffolds.

Single Scaffold

This type of scaffolding is often referred to as scaffolding of Brick Layers. The reason behind this is that they are primarily used in constructions that involve brick masonry.

It primarily comprises ledgers, put logs, and standards composed in a single framework. This composure is constructed parallel to the wall and is kept approximately 1.2 m away from the wall. The vertical components are made of bamboo and are known as Standards while the horizontal ones are referred to as ledgers.

Double Scaffold

The other name for this process is mason scaffolding and the reason is that it is used mainly for the purpose of masonry tasks. This scaffolding structure is stronger and provides more support to the construction process than single scaffolds. It comprises two standard rows that are separated with the help of ledgers that provide better support. This method is highly preferred and more popular than other methods in the category.